Mavizia is online!

Mavizia is online!

My first own shop is online now. Woah.

If anyone had ever told me that I would take this step, I would never have believed it. Funnily enough, there were two reasons for this:

  1. I had certain ideas regarding merchandise, but no one had implemented them.
  2. I wanted to be creative again and bring my ideas to life.

These two components accompanied me until I said: okay, I'll do it myself!

It took me a while to get everything ready - because I had planned on using a completely different software, design etc. I atleast tested 2-3 before I made my decision. Furthermore I was working on a bunch of products at the end of January but German bureaucracy took forever to send me my license. I don’t know why but this hold me back for 3-4 weeks  🥲 I was getting impatient since I had all the products here and in the shop waiting. But I finally made it!

Fun fact: Mavizia’s first design looks completely different but didn’t work the way I wanted - so this will wait until I got time and energy to dig into the code once again. For now I’m happy how it turned out - the logo, the look.

Mavizia Seal Logo Face

What do you think about the seal? It doesn’t have a name (yet) but it looks like there is no single though in that head and I absolutely love it, haha.

 If you have any names - let me know! Love to see some.


I have a lot of ideas and I really hope that I can inspire you as well - because as a small business I unfortunately can't finance everything out of my own pocket, but I am convinced: someday I will have my dream SKZOO PC holder made and see you enjoy it aswell. That is my current and first goal.

But most importantly for you: Mavizia is a safe space. No one is judged, hated or discriminated here. We all have the same hobby, uniting us: KPop.

You are loved and perfect just the way you are. ♥

~ Mel

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