What went wrong at ONEUS in Berlin

First of all i want to state: ONEUS did a great job and delivered an amazing performance. 

What made the evening horrific for the fans is solemnly the fault of the venue and event management.

The problems started in the morning after the GA and VIP queues were switched - but this was quickly resolved by the fans, who organized themselves well. There were now queues to the left and right of the entrance waiting to get in.

In my opinion, it could have been an easy entrance, but later, at the time of the VIP check-in, a fire lane was opened unannounced in the middle of the queue as the new entrance. Without any further communication, announcement etc. Fans stormed off, ignoring all queuing and lines.

This is where the problems of the entire evening started spiraling. Fans, some of whom had been queuing since the evening before or very early in the morning, were robbed of their chance to stand at barricade. Frustration and resentment spread, which led to discussions with security. However, they did not feel responsible for the chaos and repeatedly said: "Organizing 400 people is too much work“ - the fans had already organized themselves among themselves. The issue could have been solved with communication between Security and us but there was no will to do so from them.

Furthermore, some of the security staff didn't know what to do, as there seemed to be no communication between them. For this reason, the queue for the soundcheck was already very chaotic and emotional.
After that, however, things got really bad. VIP+ and VIP guests had to leave back out into the garden - it was no longer possible to queue properly as the crowds were pushing at three doors. Meanwhile, there was no response to warnings that it was dangerous, people could fall and be trampled. On the contrary, some of the security staff threatened with amusement "just watch what we have in store for you". Excuse me, but HOW can you treat the safety of so many - especially YOUNG - people like this? I am still speechless.

In addition, requests were simply shut down with the words "I don't want to deal with it, something bad could happen." Something bad did in fact happen. After all three doors were opened, again without warning, the crowd naturally stormed off. Some fans tripped over each other and injured themselves, some more, some less. Two left with broken limbs and head injuries and had to be transported to the hospital.

I am not only shocked by the selfishness of some fans, but also by the inability and unwillingness of the organizer to take responsibility and ensure a safe event.

GA entry was made it into the halls before the concert began very shortly. There were many crying fans in the crowds, others threw up, stressed by the chaos or had panic attacks.

I was also one of the people who had been queuing since the evening before, but kept my distance after it became clear that the organizers simply didn't care about us. We were able to convince some of those present to stay at the back as we could see how dangerous it could get. In the end, our group spent the concert in the back rows, busy comforting crying and frustrated fans and looking after their wellbeing.

Many people talked about what happened that evening - but once again, no one seems to care. Especially this response from the venue made my jaw drop. They basically said its not their business. This is not how you should ever reply to someone. As someone who is working in marketing herself i am in disbelief.

I am genuinely sorry for people who got injured and emotionally scarred during this event. I only wish them the best.

How did your evening go on this day? 

Wishing you well.


x Mel

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The Organisation was really the worst i have ever seen. How is it possible that concerts with 10x the amount of fans are organised better than this was? Around 500 VIP where crowding at an emergency door and security didn’t try enough to get them in line or in some way organised. Then letting them run into the hall after all of the mismanagement created some kind of panic and people got hurt and even some needed medical help and one was even rushed to the hospital! This is not ok and I blame every person who is in some way responsible for this organisation. Security, Staff, Managers. One should have spoken up so this mess could have been avoided. But everyone just said that they are not responsible and not the decision makers… i really hope trinity, columbiahalle, dreamhouse and all the companies involved do an apology at least and try to improve their managing in the future or more people will get in danger

Kim Alida Kaufmann

That a really good summary! Also: sending us all outside with no info for how long with no access to restrooms, water or our jackets (a lot of people didn’t had they coats anymore) was so fucked. We where outside for over an hour. Freezing, dehydrated and in stress. What did they think will happen if they just open doors with no announcement. Of course people will panic an try to get inside as fast as possible. And to open an exit door with a big step which was not secured was such a big safety hazard! It was so frustrating waiting since the evening before and then staying in the back and seeing NOTHING. Then the audacity from the event manager to say “I hope these are happy tears I see on your faces” when walking past us. And when asking why we are crying saying that that one specific girl we mentioned didn’t broke sth but “just has a concussion”. What do you mean JUST?! Are you kidding me? This shows that our safety was never in their minds.


Queued almost 17 hours for nothing that day and can honestly just agree with everything mentioned, without any numbering it was horrible to get organised as well and we luckily managed to split up to get food… but because of the stress and constant changes I felt absolutely horrible by the time the concert started because of anxiety and sickness and the fact that I was so far at the back despite having queued for so long made me feel even worse. Also sending us outside again to wait for VIP events while many people didn’t have their jackets with them was even worse, I caught a pretty bad cold and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


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